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Feminism Essay Summary

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According to the essay, feminism has over time assisted in bridging the economic, political and social gap between the male and the female sexes by empowering women and championing for their just treatment. Also mentioned in the essay is the opposition to feminism by some individuals who feel that feminism should be eliminated. Despite the conflict, I feel confident that feminism is not entirely evil as the opponents suggest. It is challenging to ignore the contributions of the movement towards achieving gender equality. For instance, through feminist-based organizations, the social order has managed to solve matters such as sex stereotypes, sexual discrimination and harassment, reproductive privileges such as birth control and abortion, and women’s privileges in places of work (Dillard 26). Feminism, therefore, is essential for gender fairness.
Another topic of concern addressed in the essay is the issue of finding a solution to the conflicting sides (supporters and opponents) of feminism. The article suggests that both the supporting and the opposing parties put aside their differences and focus on other gender theories that are not entirely based on male and female. The technique includes establishing methods that will work in the interest of the gender that seems to be disadvantaged regardless of whether it is male or female sexes, as done in the USA (Halley 283). Additionally, the method urges femi…

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