Falls in the Construction Industry

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Falls in the Construction Industry

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Falls in the Construction Industry
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Falls in the construction industry remain to be a threat to the lives of the construction workers. Despite the hazards being observable and easy to control, job site accidents emanating from slip, tripping, or falling are rampant in the construction sites. For most policies guarding the construction workers, these accidents are unavoidable and remain to be part of the job. A more efficient procedure can help decrease, control related occurrences, and help enhance what matters. Fines imposed on individual and companies for failing to adhere to the safety regulations and precautions do not significantly reduce the incidences. A better way of handling the menace is required to ensure the security of the workers and assure the health department of reduced risk and compensation. Preparation and training of the construction workers are among the ways devised to curb the fatal rates due to pitfalls in development.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA (Morrison 2014) is the regulatory body handling workers safety in their workplaces and responsible for ensuring perpetrators of these standards get charged, and victims are compensated. According to the 2014 report by OSHA, the ten frequently referred measures were fall protection with a leading total of 6348 violations. Scaffolding followed at 4533 citations, hazard communication with 3282, fal…

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