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RE: Suggestion on how to Reduce Expatriate Turnover
The recent expatriate turnover in the business is alarming and have continued to inconvenience operations within and outside the company. In view of the above issue, I have developed a plan that the company can use to curtail the expatriate turnover and guarantee sustained productivity and competitiveness. The high turnover rates can affect employee morale, the quality of product and services offered to business clients and revenues.
To begin, the firm can start a re-entry program that offers assistance to the expatriates once they return from global tasks. This mechanism will ensure they have a seamless transition back to the business and return to normalcy without any problems. According to Kraimer et al. (2013), employees who are assigned to international duties have to catch up with the changes and new developments that might have occurred during their absence. At the same time, they are required to adapt to the new organizational culture that they had forgotten. In this regard, it is important to have a support mechanism that makes the adjustments possible. In addition to that, the company can implement a training program that trains the expatriates on new changes touching on the management and make them settle in the workplace easily. The training can include counseling for the expatriates and their close relatives…

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