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Evidence Presentation

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Evidence Presentation for Innocence

Evidence Presentation for Innocence
I must begin this statement by making a claim that I am innocent of the hack that occurred in the World’s Classics Publishing Company with the result that some of the texts were altered. In the same vein, I accept that the evidence collected by the investigative authorities is very damaging to my case. This is because my computer logs indicate that I was logged into the company’s computer network. In addition, my computer hard drive contains documents in which classic literature have been revised to use modern language that is easy to understand. Besides that, I am a member of internet forums that decry the irrelevance of classic literature. Therefore, this document provides an explanation of the evidence to show that I neither had the opportunity nor the inclination to commit the crime.
Firstly, my computer logs indicate that I was logged into the company’s computer network at the time of the crime. While this may be true, at the time of the crime I was on a plane getting back into the country. In fact, I have the plane tickets and my itinerary to show that I did not have the opportunity to commit the crime. My phone GPS records would also prove that I was traveling back into the country at the time of the crime. Also, my computer was at the repair shop as is evidenced by the receipt that I received upon collecting it the next day. This can be verified by checking the log…

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