Every Cat Has a Story

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Every Cat Has a Story

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Analysis of “Every Cat has a Story” by Naomi Shihab Nye
In this essay, we shall analyze the paragraphs and situations of the poem that caught our attention in the most vivid way. In order to thoroughly analyze them, we aim to cite them and then point at the discussable issues
“We buried our faces 
in her sweet fur.”
We consider that this verse uses a metaphor to convey the softness of the cat, and the sensation of caressing the animal. The sweetness can relate to the love the owner feels toward the cat, and the well-being of having a pet.
“At night she played sonatas
on my quilt.”
This one refers to the meowing, or yowling cats make when they are calling the owner’s attention. The idea of a sonata refers us to the musical qualities of the cat’s meow, and the satisfaction purrs of a cat
“One cat built a secret nest 
in my socks. “
This verse on the cat’s mysterious nature and resourcefulness. Just by using socks, the cat created a place to live and seclude itself with total secrecy.
“One cat loved 
the radio dial.”
This verse is about the playful nature of cats, as the cats are curious animals, this house cat played with the radio, as it loved how the dial changed with movement. That made changing the dial something interesting.

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