events and causes of the first world war

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events and causes of the first world war

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Events And Causes Of The First World War
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Events And Causes Of The First World War
The First World War began in the year 1914 and ended in the year 1918. It involved great economic powers that were made up of the Allies and the central powers of Germany (Allan, 2003). The war lead to the death of many people approximated to 7 million civilians and 9 million military personnel causing great economic losses to the participating nations. The Allies nations included the United Kingdom, France, and Russia whereas the central forces comprised of Germany, Austria-Hungary and later Italy. The immediate cause of the First World War was the assassination of Francis Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo by Serbian Black Hand. The other causes of the Global War are highlighted below
Militarism entailed expansion in naval forces, forceful policies by the military on the national government with the intention to solve problems. The increase naval and military difference increased the chances of the war. For instance, Germany believed in enhancing their armament to become the world super power nation. The British and the French Navy arranged for the future war by using the French navy to take cover in the Mediterranean as British took cover in the North Sea (Allan, 2003). The German and Russian military imposed rules in the government outdoing the views of the politicians. Great Britain was against the approaches employed by Germany and Russia to…

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