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european economics

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European economics
The “Unconventional monetary policy in theory and in practice” which is written by Cecioni, Ferrero and Secchi, provide vital information that pertains to the unconventional monetary policy. According to the writers, central banks often have the mandate of making various explanations to the public of how various monetary activities and objectives can be used to ensure the fulfillment of various goals and objectives of organizations and nations at large. During such events the central banks also provide information about various changes that might occur in different microeconomic variables or the policies they intend to implement to ensure growth and developments in their jurisdictions.
The paper is relevant to issues of economic theory and unconventional monetary policies in particular and confirms that most monetary decisions are often sent to the various markets where central banks have interests. During quiet periods, the monopolistic market structures of central banks make them to push interest rates in their interbank markets effectively without any player’s attention. Such environments often provide hard processes when considering liquidity options for the banks in operation. Further, the processes of providing liquidity seldom have any information about the policy measures that are set within the system, but only that which is put in the interest rates. Moreover, during times that are depicted as…

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