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euphrates river

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Conflicts of River Euphrates

In Western Asia, the longest river is the Euphrates, which originates in eastern Turkey. The river flows via Syria and Iraq joining Tigris at Shatt al-Arab. Euphrates sources include river Murat us and Kara Su where they meet in Turkey a place called Kepan. The primary contributor to river Euphrates is Turkey that supplies a total flow of 89%. It is preceded by Syria amounting to 11% of the Euphrates’ flow.

The Figure shows that 89 percent of the total flow from the Euphrates is supplied by Turkey becoming the main source contributor to the river. Syria becomes the second contributor to the river flow.
A study conducted in the year 2012 proposed that the Euphrates is responsible for the surface water resources totaling to 70% and the total renewable water source amounting to 50% in Syria. Both the cities of Aleppo and Salamiyah entirely depend on water from the Euphrates to cater for the needs of its residents. The number of settlers of the city that the river supplies to is about 300,000 people inclusive of its suburbs (Schlosser, 2010).
The country is located in an arid region that experiences very low rainfall thus making the country to depend fully on surface water emanating from Euphrates and Tigris. In Iraq, 35 percent of the water sources is from the Euphrates.
The declining infrastructure together with increasing demand has reduced the ability of the country to effectively manage the water sourc…

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