Ethics, Lying, and Moral

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Ethics, Lying, and Moral

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Case Analysis
In this essay, we aim to analyze four cases and give an insight into the moral approach for each of the presented situations. To keep this piece short, we will not write each case’s situation. Instead, we will refer to them by their numbers.
#11. Concerning this case, we can see two clashing moral positions. For instance, in a Kantian perspective, if both parts of the contract agreed upon a set of rules. Those rules ought to be respected. In that way, if the foster parents decided to take the child’s custody, they knew their biological parents might want to regain her daughter one day. In that case, the law is clear and should be respected. Now, we have a typical situation. What about the child’s wellbeing? In this case, a philosopher such as John Rawls would consider this rule as unjust, given the fact that laws and institutions are meant to provide the greater benefit for all. To him, the child must remain with their foster parents given the fact that the provided for her during nine years, despite their biological parents wishes to reclaim her.
Case #4. On this case, we shall analyze Kant’s posture concerning the situation. To him, lies are a menace to society, and if a person lies, it would be undermining the implicit trust we all have in society. Nevertheless, to a moral philosopher such as McIntyre, says, that there are certain lies that can be permitted or en…

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