Ethics in business

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Ethics in business

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Ethics in Business
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Ethics in Business
In as much as it is essential for a company to accomplish its objectives, developing good work ethics is equally crucial. Maintaining business ethics ensures that a firm has a good reputation for the outsiders. One strategy that Smith could use to increase the emphasis on ethical conduct is lead by example. Often behavior within organizations trickles from the top to lower subordinate workers. Therefore by a manager treating the workers and clients nicely everyone in the company will emulate the same. Ones Smith takes control of the business he should make praising workers for their excellent behavior a culture. Individuals that live up to expectations should be acknowledged so that they will be motivated to keep up. Some employees fail to act ethically because they are not aware of the required codes (Belcher, 2011). Smith should hold workshops on ethics to familiarize the staff on the kind of conduct they should exhibit.
As a way of improving the human resource management, the company should start involving all the workers in the decision-making process. Making all staff member play a role in deciding the way forward for a company makes them feel appreciated, which elevates their dedication. With a dedicated team of workers, output offered will be of quality avoiding legal problems. The management should be more vigilant by backing up and securing any crucial data that might have uncertain outcome in …

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