Ethics and Morals

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Ethics and Morals

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Ethics and Morals
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The question of whether ethics and morality are absolute or relative is likely to attract a wide range of opinions from even the best of the best in religious and scholarly fields. Ethics and morals basically entail a prescribed code of conduct or practice that is based on the principles and values of a people be it on a tribal, communal, state or national basis (IAC, 2013). This, therefore, implies that morals and ethics are somehow restricted when viewed from a tridimensional and intra- physicality point of view since they are limited to a particular group of people, a certain culture or some type of civilization. Additionally, ethics and morality are conditionally structured, in that, one is required to act in a particular manner in order to reap certain benefits. For instance, at work, the most hardworking, diligent and loyal are considered ethically upright hence the most suitable candidates for positions of leadership, governance, and power. This argument is crucial in determining whether ethics and morality are absolute or relative.
According to IAC (2013), our physical dimension restricts us to the perceptions and comprehensions that are within our scope of understanding. From a scientific perspective, for instance, one can only discern and understand what is within their level of evolution. Human beings, for example, have more developed and advanced brains hence are more able to distinguish between what is ethi…

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