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ethical argument

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Ethical Argument
There has been an extensive advancement in technology and an emergence of numerous social media sites. Users of these sites range from adults to teenagers who get exposed to technology at a very tender age. The young people have been relying heavily on social media for interactions, communication, and information dissemination but the larger proportion of concerns raised tend to be negative on how the teens are the sites (Henderson et al. 550). I tend to concur with such negative sentiments about social media due to the risks that these teens are exposed to.
In the documentary “Generation likes” it stated that teens are over obsessed by the likes, followers, friends, and tweets without knowing companies are using these likes to market their products and only the kids get in return is just feeling involved by these companies… (“‘Frontline: Generation Like’ Explores The Intersection Of Social Media And Commerce”). Companies are monitoring and in reality, monetizing the “likes” when a majority of social media users keep glued to the marketing engines that roar beneath their favorite apps. Some even end up subscribing and charged for services which they are not interested in as these subscriptions appear before you access some apps.
Most companies are extensively using social media marketing as a concept of winning the consumers of their products mostly the teens to spend all their time endorsing their brands. I…

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