Essentials of SCM

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Essentials of SCM

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Essentials of SCM
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Essentials of SCM
Saving Matrix Technique
It is a milk run delivery technique which is used to ensure that the shortest possible distance is covered and at the same time, the maximum possible capacity is carried (Hugos, 2003). The technique is important in determining the most efficient route that should be followed during travel for either pickups or deliveries (Shah, 2009). I believe that this technique would be highly effective because it reduces the expenses and also saves time. This is despite the many constraints that are faced during transportation. Shortening the distance means that the shortest time will be taken to cover the distance. Considering that time is a resource, it also implies that lesser resources will be spent. Further, when the distance to be covered is less, the amount of fuel and other expenses is reduced. However, many other factors are likely to influence transportation. As such, the technique does not always determine the most effective route as it only considers distance.
The Generalized Assignment Techniques
It is a technique that is used in finding the most optimal object out of a known set of objects (Hugos, 2003). In this technique, the size of the task and the size of the agent may vary. (Hooker, 2012). This technique considers a problem in its general form. Each of the agents is assigned a task and a budget. It is expected that the agent does not exceed the budget awarded. This way…

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