Essay about the movie The Boy in Striped Pajamas

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Essay about the movie The Boy in Striped Pajamas

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The film was set during the WW II. Bruno’s family was from Berlin Germany and later moved to Poland in Auschwitz concentration camp. The story is about an eight-year boy by the name Bruno who was is in a family of the mother who was a teacher of foreign languages, a father who was commandant in prison and the elder sister. Bruno had forbidden friendship with a Jew boy by the name Shmuel who was from the other side of the camp fence.
The young Bruno lived with his wealthy family along with his mother, father, and sister. A few days later Bruno decided to befriend the young boy from the other side of the camp who was dressed on striped pajamas by the name Shmuel from a Jew family. The mother to Bruno was antagonizing the relationship between Bruno her son and Shmuel from Jew family (Metzger, 390). Because Shmuel was from another race and his nationality was not similar to them, she had the terrible view on the people who had dressed on pajamas, the yard which Shmuel come from is a prison for Jews awaiting extermination (Metzger, 400). Some of the unique similarities which attracted the two boys together include; both of them were forced to leave their original land due to different reasons, Bruno’s family moved to Poland and Shmuel was also forced to leave his original land and ends up being at the prison, the two boys share birthday, Bruno has gone to school and he was fully educated lik…

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