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epidemology triangle

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Epidemiologic Triangle
Diseases are one of the primary causes of the increase in mortality rates in the world. This has forced policymakers and scientists to embark on research to identify infectious diseases among populations to determine its characteristics and ways to combat the causative agents. For decades, experts in epidemiology have employed the use of the epidemiologic triangle or the triad to learn about infectious diseases and what makes certain groups susceptible to health condition than others. Furthermore, epidemiologists are also concerned with how the pathogens are transmitted from one person to the next with the primary objective being to stop the spread of illness. The epidemiologic triangle has been accepted as a credible tool, and it comprises of three components namely the host, the agent, and the environment (Danon et al. 79). In most instances, it is the host who is susceptible to the infectious diseases because it is here that the illnesses manifest.
The host carries the pathogens, and this does not necessarily imply that they always get sick. There are organisms that are just carriers such as donkeys when it comes to tetanus. Agents can be either a virus or bacteria, and it refers to the entity that is responsible for infecting the host. Finally, the environment facilitates the manifestation of the health complication as it provides the favorable conditions that allow the dise…

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