Environmental science 3

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Environmental science 3

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Environmental pollution is one of the major concerns in the contemporary world due to the resulting degradation of the surroundings. Similarly, pollution causes have a negative impact on both living organisms and non-living objects (Binzer et al., 2016). Pollutants should thus be studied to identify their sources, results and potential mitigation strategies that can be undertaken to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects. This paper describes eutrophication as a pollutant with various significant impacts on the environment while focusing on the possible mitigation measures.

Eutrophication is one of the most critical issues in open water ecosystems like lakes, rivers, swamps, and reservoir among others. The condition is characterized by the accumulation of algae and dense due to the enrichment of nitrogen and phosphorous that is necessary for photosynthesis. Eutrophication hence contributes to the formation of extensive systems of floating plants like water hyacinths, algal bloom, and Nile cabbage among others. The sources of the nutrients include fertilizers, sewage, and animal wastes that are washed into the water bodies through surface run offs and irrigation (Binzer et al., 2016). The sediments that fill the lake over the time may also lead to natural eutrophication as the water body gets old. However human activities are responsible for eutrophication to a significant extent. The causes of eutrophication are both from non-point and point sources. Non-point sources inc…

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