Environment – A Personal Outlook

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Environment – A Personal Outlook

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During the weekends, I like to spend my time associating myself with nature. However, my thoughts are quite commonly clouded with the deteriorating environmental conditions. I cannot find that much diversified animal breeds that I have seen five years before. The fact of environmental diversity reduction is in fact quite perturbing for me and I consider it as steady but slowly developing recoil in response to human activities.
Besides these very outlooks, most of the peoples are living their oblivious lives that it would become better one day or another without purging out the contributing factors in it. Surely, petty concerns can never yield better results in making this world a better place to live. Last week, I had seen some fish strangled in fishing nets that were not disposed properly. The tainting environmental conditions cannot be viable for future generations and alternate perspective should have to be explored and harvested.
Today, environment does not need a babbling and clamorous initiative of people; rather, it is looking for more unified and construction steps for creating constructive changes in environments. While having a speculative view, one can easily assess the future deterioration rates. When I was ten, the forest had a number of beautiful Cedar trees spreading all across the South-East end of Park; however, it has changed dramatically after conflagration last year.
All in all, efforts are not enough for carrying forward better changes; rather, it is requ…

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