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English Paraphrasing

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Deliberate practice is a process of self-improvement which can be said to involve a couple of things as seen from the article. Firstly, an individual has to possess facts that are based on self-awareness passion and interests. These factors build the driving force needed for achieving the improvements. Secondly, the individual has to define and direct their energy to a chosen course. Lack of focus and diverged attention limits concentration and ends up derailing the course. Perfecting the art and means of improvements and allowing a feedback path will help one identify their weaknesses. In this context, the statement deliberate practice has been used to refer to the energy that has been directed to a particular course in a bid to become successful. Needless to mention the author wants to show the audience that improving entails working hard and demands consistency (Secrets of Greatness, 4).
As is said practicing makes us perfect. While doing the same thing a million ways may not change the results, the more individuals practice, the higher the chances of excelling in their undertakings. Practicing gives individuals the space to identify and resolve hurdles that may have denied them success in the prior trials. What is important is that when we practice, we can understand a situation in-depth. These statements come in handy in sporting activities where athletes are regularly made to do various practices in a bid to make them shine in their sp…

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