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Question #1
The laws of thermodynamics can be defined as an interrelation between work, internal energy and the heat from a system. In the first law, it explains that heat is a form of energy and is, therefore, matter to conversion. The second law states that heat transmission from a body at lower temperature to another one at higher temperature can only take place with an increase in energy. The third law states that there can be no waste energy at absolute zero since there is no presence of heat energy (Atkins, 2010). 
Question #2
The three laws of thermodynamics explain various ways in which a body can utilize energy without changing its original form. The laws also assist with energy conversion in that the energy always depends on output effectiveness as explained in the second law. Also, there is more emphasis put by the laws on the importance of energy efficiency as a tool to measure the performance of devices that use heat energy.
Question #3
Merits and demerits of Fossil fuels (natural gas, oil and coal)
One of the pros is that fossils available and in plenty. Most places on the earth are rich in fossils and have been tapped for many years. Another pro is that it is extremely efficient. For a small amount, one can be able to generate huge amounts of energy, a good example being petroleum in cars. One of the Cons of fossil fuel is that it causes environmental degradation through the release of carbon dioxide to th…

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