Employee’s Roles & Characteristics

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Employee’s Roles & Characteristics

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Cultural Competence for an Employee
Student’s Name
Hello, you can call me Laura, I am a worker in this department. Welcome to our organization, more specifically to our office. Feel free to be in our department. I would like to take you through the various programs and how we operate as an organization. Feel free to ask questions for clarification. In the modern society, most companies have shifted their management from being action driven to results. Most of the organizations have taken the idea of changing to result-driven goals. Most of the investors, stakeholders, and donors are after the profit which they will make out of their investment thus they need to know how exactly their investments will attain their set goals and targets. Our organization is not an exception; we have decided to absorb the idea of result-driven goals.
The Result-Driven Goals
By Result-driven goals I mean the ability of any organization to meet its goals, customers’ expectation and the ability to make a firm decision that will enhance quality results through calculation of risks, problem analysis, and application of the technical knowledge (Sanghi, 2016). To realize the result-driven goals there are six leadership competencies which we look forward to utilizing.
Accountability is the first leadership competency which our organization is applying. To achieve goals of our company, every worker will be held accountable. Everyone will be taken into account for h…

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