Employee Retention

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Employee Retention

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Employee Retention
Question 1
What two to three strategies would you propose to motivate current employees to remain with the organization, even if the organization could not offer them additional compensation and benefits?
It is always vital for an organization to have employee retention methods. This way, the employee will always opt to remain in the organization rather than go for other work where there are certain ways in which they make attempts to retain their workers. Therefore, an organization should always consider strategies such as availing training, mentoring programs and utilization of communication in an aim to build credibility. Training employees emphasize their sense of value in the organization (Tangthong et al., 2014). They gain the needed comprehension of the work they are expected to take on. Mentoring, on the other hand, avails a structured method for the development of robust relationship within the organization as well as a firm manner of employee retention. Finally, communication is the backbone of any organization. It is vital that the employees are well aware of their employers’ expectation through the right channel of communication. Where there is a lack of appropriate communication, there is bound to be improper completion of work hence, issues with the management of the hospital as well as low morale among workers.
Question 2
What is senior leadership’s role in employee retention?
Leadership practices an…

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