Emma Watson and Feminism

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Emma Watson and Feminism

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Emma Charlotte Watson, who was born 1990 0n the 15th of April in Paris. Her mother and father, both British attorneys, are Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby. She had a brother named Alex and was conceived three years after her birth. Her mother and father separated while Watson was still young and she later relocated to Oxford shire in the city of England with her mom and brother. Watson joined the Stagecoach Theatre Arts School at Oxford. She learned acting, dancing and singing and performed in different and many school plays (Hermansson, Casie, 37). Her natural nature for performing was discovered when she performed at a poetry race and recited a poem called the sea written by James Reeves, she performed it at a very young age. Watson had certainly not performed professionally when her lecture theater teachers recommended her to films agents looking for a group of actors for the upcoming movie that was based on the major new novel of the chart-topping series of the Harry Potter. She eventually auditioned for the Harry Potter film but as it was thought to be tough, the cast was not as smooth as she thought as she auditioned for it a couple of times before she eventually got the role as Hermione for her premier screen test.
Emma Watson played the role of Hermione Granger Jean, she was the daughter of the Grangers and her parents were dentists in the city of London, and she was known to be from the Muggle born origin. She grew up and wa…

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