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Elevator Pitch

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Elevator Pitch: A Real Life Hero
Throughout my life, I have always considered my father to be my hero. He is a man that has been through ups and downs in life and has remained strong for all of us. He takes care of his children as well as his siblings since he is the first born child from a family that is not so well up. He has taught me the virtue of not giving up no matter what that comes my way and through him, I have known the value of hard work. My father is a very busy man but he never lacks time for his family. He has made sure that we all have a good education and he always tells us that our lives as his children are the most important thing to him and his happiness is to see us have a great future.
He is a pillar to lean on in all situations. If I have any friend that I can go to and share with almost every single thing in my life, then that person is my father. I am always happy to see how well he relates to his wife, our mother. They have a very healthy relationship and their marriage is one that I admire most. I wish to be in such a marriage in future when the time comes. Besides taking good care of his family, he is a man with a noble heart and character. He rejoices in the happiness of others. He has taken an initiative of helping a few needy people in the community especially in helping the needy children to raise their school fees and basic needs. When I grow up, I want to be like my father.

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