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Elder law speech

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The Summary of the Elder Law to a Group of Elderly People
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The Summary of the Elder Law to a Group of Elderly People
I stand before as an attorney, friend, and an ally of the elderly. My name is John F. Murray from the HG. Org. Today I’m here to enlighten you on the Elderly Law which is a legal specialty on the myriad of issues that affect the senior citizens. The law is meant to prepare the aging (above 60 years) in gaining autonomy and financial freedom by providing long-term options of care received and the correct means of financial planning (Frolik & Kaplan, 2014). The development of the law was resulted into by the increased lifespan due to improved lifestyles by President Lyndon B. Johnson on the 14th of July 1965. Since then, the law has been severally amended to improve the living standards of the elderly. This presentation is meant to summarize the Elderly Law which has three main categories: estate planning, Guardianship, and Medicaid, disability and long-term care.
The primary focus of a senior with regard succession and preservation of legacy is in how their estate will be managed once they depart. The elderly are concerned with what their successors will do to their properties in their absence. The elderly law exhaustively outlined the methodology to be followed in not only the administration and preparation of a will but also to enlighten them on the tax burden in selecting different strategies of in…

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