Effects of Divorce

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Effects of Divorce

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Effects of Divorce
Divorce often introduces immense changes into the lives of all involved, namely the parents, children, as well as the society. Witnessing the breakup of marriage between their parents, the constant absence of one parent, and the challenges of adjusting to the life of having to move to and from two different households can all be extremely challenging to the children. In other words, parental divorce is usually a defining moment in the lives of the children in the sense that the life that follows is considerably different from the one before. Even though most Western societies have dealt successfully with the stigma associated with divorce, its effects on the couples, children, and the society cannot be overlooked.
The effects of divorce on the parents may be analyzed from the perspective of women and men. Women usually experience less stress and superior adjustment compared to men. This is because they are likely to seek social support and assistance from others (Sussman and Suzanne 429). Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that working women who place their children in childcare are often stigmatized compared to men under similar circumstances. Conversely, divorced men are often confronted with considerable emotional adjustment due to feelings of loss resulting from loss of social connection and intimacy and the disruption of parenting. Generally, divorce can have negative psychological effects on both men and women, an…

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