Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership

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Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
Leadership denotes being able to provide direction, for instance, to followers. In essence, followers regard their leaders as role model in terms of providing direction. As such, leaders need to be more flexible in understanding the people they lead. Understanding the world views of followers ensures that leaders can make appropriate decisions. However, while leaders are expected to provide direction, it is also important to note that leadership is a learning process. In this regard, effective leadership is attained through a process of identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, effective leadership requires readiness to accept criticism from followers. Leadership also requires a focus on team worker rather than individualism because, listening to others provides a leader with various alternatives to make appropriate decision that is acceptable to followers. On another note, effective leadership also requires individuals to be confident when leading followers. This helps to avoid sending mixed signal to followers regarding the competency level of their leader.
My values, beliefs and behaviors as an effective leader
As an effective leader I tend to respect other people’s opinion and ready to accept criticism as a way to identify my weaknesses. Further, I also value honesty in my dealings since integrity is critical when working with other people. I also believe establishing onese…

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