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Education Topic

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Dear Principal,

I would like to forward my concern with regard to the situations that have occurred during the past few weeks of my duty within the institution. I was hired as a program lead for the elementary department, and I am more than honored to take on the work opportunity along with all the challenges that come along with it. However, due to certain circumstances, my performance has been questioned especially in relation to how I apply my leadership capacities in the classroom. The alleged inability to handle my responsibility [coming from my colleagues] is one matter I am professionally insulted with.

The agreement on me sharing a classroom with another teacher in teaching K1 students is something I could do, however, with the judgments that have already been presented with regards to my performance; I feel that somehow, the trust level given to me is not what I deserve. Besides this, I was also given less regard for my work and efforts especially when the supposed private talks became personal performance attacks especially that it involved a direct sense of complicated assessment of my work as third party listeners were hearing the conversations that were shared between me and the principal. Based on proper evaluation procedures, this approach is rather intrusive and unethical in nature; in fact, I do think it does create a definite effect on how I am viewed by my colleagues alongside the respect I have for myself. Please consider that this concern is …

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