Economics Application Essay

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Economics Application Essay

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Economics Personal Statement
My interest in economics stems from my enthusiasm for the game of badminton. I have always been passionate about this sport and thus the exposure to the numerous economic matters that are involved in the game. As a badminton player, my desire has been to have an in-depth comprehension of how the game works and the interlinking with economics. The economics subject intrigues me because of the ability to use its concepts to predict the future and its immediate relevance. In particular, I want to undertake an economics course so that I can utilize the knowledge and skills to eliminate or minimize the economic challenges that the sport faces.
The badminton sport involves a lot of economic matters that affect the game and its growth. One case is the badminton match-throwing that occurs when players aim to lose in their particular groups. The incentive that losing a game will give them an opportunity to play the next round with a weaker team encourages them. However, the practice has some economic implications as the teams plays for long periods each trying not to win which is an added cost. The organizers spend lots of money in preparing for the games and spectators also pay to watch. The understanding of these concepts is thus one of my interests in pursuing economics.
Additionally, economics was part of the reason that I did not get a chance to participate in the Senior National Badminton Team in 2008. The financial c…

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