Drug Abuse Challenge

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Drug Abuse Challenge

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A Challenge Faced
There is a need to create awareness among young adults about drugs. However, the awareness strategies should focus on the challenges they face in their environment. Specifically, there is a need to assess age-based challenges young adults face. Some of the young boys and girls we interact are suffering, not knowing that behind the challenges there is power and will to fight and win against drug abuse. I was a victim of drug abuse, and the vice did not only affect my life negatively but redefined who I am today. One only suffers if they do not realize how strong they can win against any adversary.
Drug abuse has been one of the main challenges that I have grappled with during my high school. The challenge stretched beyond merely using drugs. It was a case where I could not do without taking drugs to the extent that I rarely concentrated on academic, and social righteousness. I was sure that drug abuse affects academic performance, social upbringing, and self-esteem, however, for me, I kept living in denial hoping that one day, and with little support, I would control my behaviors.
Drugs affected ways in which I could interact with my teachers, staff, and peers. Though I was lucky to have completed high school education without rustication, I suffered relationship bust-ups, poor financial management, and absent-mindedness. Drugs would always make me susceptible to disasters and sadl…

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