Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
National Coalition against Domestic Violence (2015). What is Domestic Violence. National Coalition against Domestic Violence. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “ help/what-is-domestic-violence\” help/what-is-domestic-violence

The article develops an understanding of domestic violence and its various examples such as physical assault, abusive behavior or sexual assault. It describes the problem through the provision of examples and the adverse effects of the violence on the people involved as well as the community. The article also describes the pattern of dominance and control in domestic violence. The frequency of domestic violence varies; however, some partners tend to maintain consistent efforts to have power and control over the other. The article also describes the victims of domestic violence and the vulnerabilities involved. It also reveals how domestic violence has become an epidemic affecting a significant number of people in every community regardless of their economic status, age or sexual orientation.
According to the article findings, domestic violence has adverse effects that include emotional, physical and psychological across generations. However, severe cases can lead to death suggesting that the practice requires better strategies to control. The article also provides several ways in which domestic violence develops in individuals as well as ways to determine the early stages such as identifyin…

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