Do we acquire knowledge of the world through the senses

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Do we acquire knowledge of the world through the senses

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Three philosophy students enter in a bar. As soon as they started to drink, they started to debate. The first one, let’s call him John, was a Cartesian guy, who believed the Cartesian acquisition of knowledge; the second, Mike, considered that Leibniz objections regarding Cartesian methods were valid; the third, is Jim, who only came for the drinks.
John: -drinks- To Descartes, who thought that knowledge could not be doubted. Knowledge is infallible! We can gain knowledge of the clear and distinct ideas with no effort. However, these ideas are not a feeling, they are rational, and require to be tested by the mind. The Cartesian clear and distinct ideas refer to the way we conceive ideas. In this way, for us to have clear and distinct ideas, they must be tested by the reason, and if they cannot prove them wrong, they are true.
Greg: That might be true, as the dual character of the mind allows us to have those ideas, but the substance, and, in this case, thought, cannot be affected by external reasons, in this way, the only thing that can change thought is the mind itself but accidents between substances cannot flee from one substance and reattached to another, which means that thought is particular, and as we will see later, innate.
John: Not so fast, Descaret was pretty skeptic toward the innatism, as he considered that although our senses can deceive us, perception is the…

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