Distracted Driving Revision

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Distracted Driving Revision

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Does our State do enough to Prevent Distracted Driving?
Claim. The state of New Jersey considers that banning the use of devices that might distract the drivers, could prevent the issue of distracted drivers.
Counterclaim. A sizeable portion of the public considers that instead of banning the use of devices while driving, the public must receive education on the subject.
The risks associated with distracted driving and had made many states pass laws regarding the issue (Jeffords 2). In the same way, many tests have shown that drivers using their mobile devices are less able than drunk drivers to maintain speed and have a difficult time keeping the distance from another car. There are several studies that determined that when driving, any second task could hinder the chances of correctly driving, thus causing accidents (Graydon 275). This is of critical importance because people who oppose these laws are unaware of the dangers of inattentive driving.
What is distracted driving? Distracted driving refers to texting, or talking on the phone while driving. However, the laws are changing to cover a wider array of activities. It is important to note that New Jersey is the only state that has tried to enforce laws concerning specific distractions while driving. (Levow 1).
The Importance of Laws Regarding Distracted Driving. The fact that New Jersey is one of the first sta…

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