Discussion Paper based on an Ethnographic Investigation

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Discussion Paper based on an Ethnographic Investigation

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Discussion Paper Based On an Ethnographic Investigation
Ethical Issue
Human development has necessitated the application of science in various aspects of life. the modern individual can no longer rely on the traditional ways of life and is compelled by the society to adopt civilization. However, some of the scientific technologies applied by people today elicit ethical controversy. A good example is the use of contraception to prevent pregnancy. The different methods used by couples around the world have helped in regulating population on the family level. However, the its use has also raised serious ethical concerns because some religious doctrines assert that the use of contraception is immoral and unacceptable.

Ethical Frameworks
The use of ethical frameworks can help understand the different perspectives of examining the morality of the use of contraceptives. Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy that advocates for the good of the majority. According to Allan (1), Utilitarianism applies the principle of utility that requires an individual to examine the consequences of an action to the parties involved. In this case, the essence of the use of contraceptives is to avoid overpopulation which can have adverse effects on the well-being of a family and the society. Therefore, the application of ethical framework of the Utilitarianism can justify the use of contraception because it helps maintain population balance in…

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