Discussion: Benefits of Health Information Exchange Technology

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Discussion: Benefits of Health Information Exchange Technology

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 Discussion: Benefits of Health Information Exchange Technology
Health Information Exchange Technology is technology which is harnessed to better the delivery of healthcare to patients. The better distribution of healthcare organization benefits the public at large which are the intended customers. Like to any other business which tries to exchange its information electronically, it always comes with a lot of risks and benefits.
Through the availability of Healthcare technology, it will always help to provide the patient’s information during emergency times. For example, in case of an accident and the patient is unable to explain, the health information technology can help in retrieving it quickly through its technique. The other advantage of it is in case of any disaster, the information which is stored electronically will not be lost compared to the paperwork (Shekelle et al. 2006).
Health information technology also improves care. When information about health care, which is received from other facilities is accessed, leads to better means of handling the matters that are related to the healthcare. It means that the care one receives does not interact poorly with the previous health care. It also makes the records of patients’ medication always available when required. Other benefits of health information are that it helps in tracking for protection, and also increases safety…

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