Discuss the evolving future of HR practice

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Discuss the evolving future of HR practice

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Discuss the Evolving Future of HR Practice
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Discuss the Evolving Future of Human Resource Practice
Human Resource Management or HR is the process by which employers improve the efficiency of employees in an organization. The HR practice solely focuses on the correct management of individuals in a given organization. The process molds employees to adhere to an organization’s operations and policies (Lussier, 2015). Other than recruitment of employees, HR is responsible for rewards, training, and performance review, among others. It is evident to observe the significant growth in the evolving future of HR Practice. There are various factors and trends that have improved the evolving future of HR (Kaufman, 2014). Some of the factors include internal communication, leadership, teamwork, performance appraisal, and mentorship, among others. This paper examines the factors that improve the future of HR practice in the banking industry.
How might these factors positively influence or impact the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected?
Fore mostly, internal communication is primary in improving HR in any organization. Regardless of the level, communication is an important factor in positively impacting HR. It creates a friendly working environment while encouraging collaboration among individuals in the organization. It is necessary for employers to plan the process of communication critically to ac…

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