Differences between working experience and volunteer work

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Differences between working experience and volunteer work

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Today, many organizations list work experience and volunteer work as being synonymous. Practically speaking, this concept is appropriate. However, it is limited in the sense that it tends to place volunteers into uniformity with employees rather than celebrating their unpaid work. Most of the tasks in any firm can be carried out by workers despite their designation as paid employees or volunteers. In fact, in most organizations, one can hardly tell the difference between an employee and a volunteer-based on the services offered by the two. Despite the subtle similarities between working experience and volunteer work, these two concepts have the numerous differences that alienate them both technically and functionally. This paper has carefully explored the differences between the two entities.
Three main absolute differences separate volunteer work and experience as an employee; the working hours assigned to them, the reason as to why they work, and the nature of work available to them.
The kind of work available to the two entities draws a thick line between the concepts of volunteer work and permanent employment. For workers on the payroll, the employers often hire their paid workforce based on; the amount of money available to pay salaries and allowances, and the labor laws as stipulated by the constitution. The labor laws tie the employer to hire a particular range of age. Moreover, the legislations are clear as to the specific hours employed persons are supposed to work,…

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