Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter
Any sports enthusiast knows that whenever the New York Yankees are mentioned, the name is usually followed up with adjectives, which describe their sheer greatness. Although this team has had superior athletes over the years, the name that has drawn attention and acclaim is undoubtedly that of Derek Jeter. Jeter spent 18 seasons breaking records, influencing young people and showing that a heralded public figure does not always have negative connotations associated with them. The articles, Derek Jeter a hero to the end by Bob Klapisch, Derek Jeter’s Last Home Game Shows Why He’s ‘Captain Clutch by Anthony Castellano, and Yankee Captain Derek Jeter does it the old fashioned by Mike Lupica, are a testimony of Jeter’s virtuoso athleticism. Derek Jeter has been instrumental in influencing the New York Yankee organization due to his good sportsmanship, drive for success and his role-model endeavors.
All the three articles focus on one event and convey one central message. They focus on the final professional appearance of legend Derek Jeter on the pitch and convey the sole message that Jeter is a figure worth noting, and his departure will have a significant effect on the team. Notably, the expert player influenced the team in three ways. Foremost, he motivated the young players. In his article, Lupica repeatedly says that in the player’s last game at the Yankee Stadium, Jeter became a kid. Despite being 40 at the time, he played li…

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