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Depending on numbered topic

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Question One
There are different practical issues that emanate during product evaluation. This is the final phase of a design folder, and often requires care and attentiveness. During the evaluation, individuals need to make a description of all the aspects that pertain to the product and other facets that are deemed successful. Failures are also recorded during this stage for purposes of doing improvements to the designed product. Improvements on the project are only indicated for purposes of future products that might be produced under similar circumstances.
Product evaluation is essential as it assists individuals to review and look back at all the stages that were followed during production. Such a review helps in making comments on the final product and its performance. Areas that were not well covered can also be enumerated for changes and improvements in future. Specific measurements can be recorded during the evaluation period, and they include the purpose for the product, tools used, tasks completed and many others.

Question Two
Human behavior is associated with all actions and emotions of humans. Human beings have a different set of behavior that makes them unique. It is vital to note that there are certain behaviors that change with the age of individuals, while other traits of temperament and personality might be consistent. Through feelings and thoughts, human beings can also change their behavior a…

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