Definition and Use of Temperament

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Definition and Use of Temperament

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Definition and Use of Temperament
Every sane person has a unique way in which he or she behaves, thinks and responds to issues that they encounter on daily basis. The ability of a person to voluntarily, or involuntarily have a specific character, thinking, behaviour or actions make up the person’s temperament. In this regard, some people’s temperament portrays a happy person, jovial and ever smiling. On the contrary, some people have a negative attitude in almost all the aspects of life; they are aggressive, unhappy, ungrateful and ready to wage war even on the slightest provocation. Peoples’ temperaments are always naturally acquired, and it may be hard to artificially modify. This paper looks into the people’s temperaments as related to career choice and healthy social life.
The Daily Use of Temperament
In many cases, the television news anchors temperaments are positive while on the screen. It is very rare to find them unhappy and frowning on television. They wear a jovial look; a happy mood and must always be welcoming. This same case also applies to teaching where the teachers must always show jovial mood and happiness to their students. However, some people who work under strenuous conditions, doing hard manual labour rarely show positive temperament while at work. This may result to the high-level concentration that they need to put in their jobs.
Doctors and psychologists use temperament to determine the health condition of an individual (Greenbaum 7). When a person 

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