Dead poets society romanticism vs realism

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Dead poets society romanticism vs realism

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Dead Poets Society romanticism vs. realism
First and foremost, to realize the difference between romanticism and realism, one has to get the meaning of the two terms independent of how they are applied in the movie and how the characters in the same movie have explicitly made them come out. (Dictionary and Thesaurus/Merriam-Webster) Describes romanticism as the aspect of emphasis put on the individual as the emotional, imaginative, the illogical, the intuitive, personal, subjective, the transcendental and the visionary. It is characterized by stressing on originality, individual expressions of emotions, freedom and experimenting form. On the other hand, realism is defined as the pragmatic process and positive posture of facing a situation, embracing the way it is and dealing with it accordingly in a manner that is in tandem with the reality of life. Looking at the movie Dead Poets Society, this treatise will use the characters in the play to explicate the difference between romanticism and realism.
The film Dead Poets Society counterpoints the thoughts of romanticism and realism. The thought of realism addresses aspects of practical, physical and what happens at the current moment. Conversely, themes of romanticism are predicated on individuality, expression of self, earnestness, spontaneity, and originality (Collins 20). Most characters and places in the film exemplify either of the two thoughts. The first illustration of this is hinged on the…

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