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Database Assignment

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Database Assignment
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The paper mainly focuses on database tools such as data stores and software challenges associated with big data. However, the article begins by acknowledging big data as a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations because it facilitates the decision-making process by providing tertiary information. The essay goes a step further by identifying and breaking down variety, volume, and growth rate (velocity) as the primary characteristic of big data that offer challenges to database tools. As the paper explains, the difficulties experienced as a result of these characteristics include but not limited to security issues, storage space, data integration, and its validation. Considering these issues, it becomes hard for the users to optimally carry out their task efficiently because it requires more time and resources to analyze, secure, and store such vast information. Perhaps some of the most important issue regarding this data is its accuracy and usability because data may get interrupted due to security weaknesses of these tools.
Big data is a synonym term being for the large volume of data which organizations gather on a daily basis from various sources such as social networks. Big data analysis offers a range of benefits to organizations as well as individuals. For example, analysis of such data gives someone a leading insight for making informed decisions as well …

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