Cultural Influences

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Cultural Influences

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Cultural Influences
Growing up in Kentucky, USA has substantially influenced my culture. The state is an agriculture state; hence working with machinery in our farm was part and person of my growing up (Kleber, 2015, P.6). Passing knowledge was from generation to generation; hence people’s ways of doing things and clothing do not change much. Mainly the music we listened to was country music, the guitar was a principal instrument to learn, and any member of the family who played well was encouraged to grow their talent. Being an agriculture area people’s love for domestic animals was high; the younger siblings in the family had a responsibility of taking care of the young animals.
Politically we are republican’s and have been staunch supporters of the party since our great-grandfather. The Republican is a party my father says has been there for the farmers. In teenage life on the farm can be tedious. Hence, people looked upon friends who lived in big cities like New York City like people from another world. The sophisticated city ways were an excitement; anyone who visited big towns would narrate to us how life was. Time is essential and strictly followed as there are farm laborers who help us in the farm; tea breaks, lunch breaks and time when they are getting off the farm. The females are mainly involved in lighter tasks in the farm like cooking, feeding the chicken and cleaning. Dinner time is taken seriously as we g…

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