Cultural Conflict Revised

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Cultural Conflict Revised

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Cultural Conflict

Cultural Conflict
The Nigeria Biafra war took place between 1967 and 1970 in Nigeria. The war was at first attributed to religious conflict between the Christians in the South and the Muslims in the North. However, further studies and research on the war has proved that there was no single cause for the war and that its cause was a mix of religious, ethnic, political and economic reasons. The conflict between Nigeria and Biafra saw the death of approximately 2 million people in Biafra, as well as, starvation of a whole generation of children to death. During the war, Biafra got very little support from other countries, and it was only able to purchase supplies it needed for the war from a few African countries, China, Portugal and the Czech Republic. On the other hand, Nigeria got immense support from the Soviet Union, parts of North Africa, and the North-Atlantic Alliance, which was led by Britain. The dynamics behind the war, reasons for conflict and the results of the war raise numerous questions about the reality behind the Nigeria-Biafra war. As much as the war is attributed to religion, recent findings about the war compel one to want to look into the various sources of information about the war to discover the truth CITATION Nic10 l 1033 (Omenka, 2010).
Politically the war between Nigeria and Biafra was fuelled after Nigeria attained independence in 1960. Because of the new political structure in the country, a coup b…

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