Cultural Awareness in the Nursing Practice revised

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Cultural Awareness in the Nursing Practice revised

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Cultural Awareness in the Nursing Practice
The modern world is profoundly changing, rural, urban migration and easy cross-border migration has led to the settlement of people with diverse cultures at a familiar place. This has resulted in opportunities and challenges for the nurses hence requiring the healthcare policymakers to establish systems that will ensure nurses are culturally competent to deal with the patients. Expertise is essential in dealing with any kind of disorder as far as healthcare is concern. Thus cultural competence is vital because it will give the nurses the ability and confidence to offer health services to their daily clients efficiently and effectively.
Cultural awareness is a suitable tool that helps one to learn and function well in a new international environment. The artistic realization has helped me to assess my progress in nursing service delivery. Cultural awareness has also enabled me to mistakes and pitfalls every time I cross borders or deal with individuals who have different cultures from mine. Cultural awareness gave me the ability to deliver sufficient health care attention that meets cultural, behavioral and linguistic needs of those who are sick. My cultural awareness has enabled me to provide quality health care; I have also been able positively to contribute towards the elimination of racism and ethnicity in the health sector.
A few months ago I was volunteering in a specific organization that…

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