Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Analysis

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Cultural Analysis
The first Hofstede dimension that influences business is power distance. Singapore scored 74 on this dimension because of their approach to religion that believes in the stability of the society. This stability is from inequality in relations by people. There is centralized power hence control and formality in addressing managers. The other aspect is individualism which scored 20. Moreover, masculinity was a dimension where Singapore scored 48. On uncertainty avoidance, the country was able to score 8 (Hofstede, n.p). Lastly, on long-term orientation and indulgence, the scores were 72 and 46 respectively.
Verbal and non-verbal elements of conversation can be identified from Commisceo and World Factbook analysis. Verbal elements of conversation include the languages used by Singaporeans which gets composed of English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. English is the language majorly used for politics and business. The population using Malay is about 14%, mandarin 76%, and Tamil 7.9%. Non-verbal elements comprise of taking moments of silence before talking and pauses in the process of communication. These pauses help in avoiding haste before responding to conversations (Guide, n.p). Other cues like shaking hands and bowing of heads are equally used to communicate.
Several business etiquettes directly influence the interaction in commerce. The etiquette rule determines the prosperity of a company. One of the busine…

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