Cue for treason

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Cue for treason

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Comparison of Good over Evil in Cue for Treason
In the novel Cue for Treason, Geoffrey Trease explores the theme of good over evil. In many instances from the novel, evil outdoes the good. This is brought about through the character traits and theme.
The story starts in a village in Cumberland, North England where the author explores the golden age of Queen Elizabeth. A wall is built to restrict the locals from using the common field, Peter with other villagers try to destroy Sir Philips wall; he engages Philip’s men in a fight that result in his hat been fired before he escapes to Perinth. He later exposes the conspiracy to kill the Queen during a performance though he encounters many evils before achieving it. Trease uses the value of courageousness, self-assurance and patriotism to fight evil. These traits are essential in developing a strong, proud nation and ensuring its survival against enemies.
Peter and kit are in different difficult situations that depict the evil that the people of Cumberland were going through. His courageous, selfless personality amplifies the good in the society. When Peter shucks into the “yellow gentlemen” houses and he got his stolen playback. It also showed where Peter is climbing the side of the house though it was not easy, “each time I put weight on a fresh dagger, my heart went into my mouth, and I heard myself for the splash below”…

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