Cue for treason literary essay

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Cue for treason literary essay

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Cue for Treason Literary Essay
Cue for Treason is a historical novel authored by Geoffrey Trease that centers on the complexity of fate of the protagonist named Peter Brownrigg during the Elizabethan era. Peter is a young village boy forced to grow and mature faster than his peers when faced with life-threatening challenges. As a young boy, he flees home to evade being captured by a villain landowner infamous for stealing villager’s land. More importantly, Peter saves Queen Elizabeth I from an impending assassination plan, making him a revered hero. For this reason, Peter faces many challenges that shaped his character over time, transforming from an ordinary village boy to a brave and courageous hero.
The beginning of the novel casts Peter Brownrigg as an ordinary village boy, but the events that unfolded in his young age set him on a path of inspired bravery. Peter took the important role of being on the lookout when his father and neighbors wanted to bring down Sir Phillip Morton’s wall. Sir Phillip was a wealthy, but an arrogant man who treated the villagers with contempt and this action was the villagers’ payback. As Sir Phillip approached on his horse, Peter threw a stone at his direction to prevent him from discovering the villagers plan. This action symbolized Peter’s stand against the unjust in the society. Consequently, Sir Phillip found out about Peter’s crime, and this discovery forced Peter to run away from home at a…

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