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Crash is an American film that features the social and racial tensions in Los Angeles. The movie portrays racism in a new way by emphasizing that every person is prejudiced against individuals who are from different races. By doing so, the director, Paul Haggis, shows that the matter can not be dealt with by separating people into victims and offenders. Instead, discrimination can only be overcome when humans learn to appreciate the significance of diversity in their community. The movie displays multiple instances of white privilege and the experiences of African American citizens relating to racism.
White privilege describes Caucasian individuals who fail to recognize the advantages they have by just being born white. Nobody reacts in fear when a Caucasian person walks by, but Anthony and Peter complain that a passerby, Jean, clutches her purse when she spots them. Anthony argues that “if anybody should be scared, it’s us: the only two black faces” (Haggis, 2004). Another example is Jean’s claims when Daniel, a Hispanic locksmith, changes their locks. Jean complains that Daniel will “sell our key to one of his gang banger friends” when he leaves (Haggis, 2004). Jean feels that she can act on her prejudices towards Daniel with no consequences and fails to understand why Rick, her husband, objects to her request.
African American characters in Crash are continuously discriminated because of their racial diversity. Flanagan, …

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