Should companies be socially responsible?

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Should companies be socially responsible?

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Should companies be socially responsible?
In this essay, we aim to discuss the role of social responsibility in companies. In the same way, it intends to show arguments for, and against social responsibility in companies. That way, to provide a concise argument we shall provide a brief background on the subject, we shall show the history of social responsibility. How it started and developed. After that, we aim to provide arguments, and counterarguments on the role social responsibility play in companies.

History of Social Responsibility in Companies. Social responsibility refers to the responsibility an organization has for the impacts of its decisions, and activities. For a business to be socially responsible, it has to have transparent and ethical behavior, consistent with sustainable development and welfare of the society (Hohnen& Potts, 2007). Social responsibility takes into account the expectations of the companies’ stakeholders while complying and applying laws consistent with appropriate and ethical behavior. In the same way, social responsibility intends to integrate those rules and laws inside, and outside of the workplace, in order to have a comprehensive and straight line of behavior that reflects the practices of the company. Social responsibility in the companies is becoming increasingly integrated into companies, and into modern business practices, as a way to be able to compete responsibly with other companies while keeping ethical behavior….

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