Cons of euthanasia

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Cons of euthanasia

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Cons of Euthanasia
Euthanasia is also referred to as mercy killing. It describes the act of ending someone’s life may it be that they are injured or suffer from a terminal disease using the dosage of a deadly drug to ensure a painless death. The act has contentious views of criticism over time in as much as it has arguable benefits as well. The focus of this paper is on the disadvantages of euthanasia. Euthanasia is considered to be immoral and prohibited by law. This is because it is supposed to be an act of homicide which is inarguable (Legoute, 93). Another focus on the con is that human life is entitled to total protection yet euthanasia interferes with such a right. Euthanasia also gives medical practitioners too much power over a patient’s life causing distrust and damage patient-doctor relationship. Hence it is considered to demean the value and significance of human life.
According to Christians using the autonomy perspective, they view euthanasia as a form of a distorted idea. The reason they consider it as so is that it destructs human solidarity amongst themselves. Christians see the freedom to be doing what pleases God which in this case is accepting suffering according to God’s will. Life is a God-given gift and an essential origin of human activity within the society, dignity and. Hence, only God can give or take human life. Another disadvantage related to euthanasia is false compassion. The consent of s…

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